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 It's raining (which definitely gets the creative gears turning), and there's this awesome breeze blowing in that smells like the rain. I've been writing all day, but reluctant to post because it seems like an eerie silence has befallen everyone else lately. Here, too. Every one is very lazy today, which doesn't surprise me in the least. Rainy days so often make me want to skip class.

Of course, so do sunshiny days, so I really don't have a specific point here.

Regardless, I've been on a strict diet of jelly beans and cream soda (Easter candy is super cheap now so I stocked up) and it has taken its toll. I am way too hyper.

I also fought the urge to kill someone today (if only it weren't illegal. some people...) and I feel a little better about myself for letting her stay alive. Good for me.

I should be working on a ten page paper right now, but for some reason Livejournal and it's evil have sucked me in once again... I should really stop procrastinating but damn if it isn't difficult.

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Where have ya been? Looking forward to more Decent Melody/I Took The Poison and Suffer The Needle!!! :)

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