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So here's the thing. I've just recently gotten through a pretty rough time in my life. In the middle of my sophomore year in college, my fiance and I decided to pick up and move cross-country from Champaign, IL to Boston, MA. The purpose of such a move? The attend Harvard University Extension School, where I will be working on my dual degrees in Public Relations and Forensics. 

So, the bad news is that I had to spend the last 8 months of my life working myself into some kind of frenzy in an effort to make enough money to make this happen for us. Well, we're here now and everything appears to be going rather smoothly. I've picked up a rather sweet gig assistant manager-ing at the local House O' Blues, which is an absolutely FANTASTIC aspect of my life currently. 

So in between going to work and school and trying very hard not to spend every cent we make on rent, writing has kind of been forced into the back burner, even though I really do think about A Decent Melody and Suffer the Needle often. I don't intend to leave them unfinished. I'm also working on another short story, but I've resolved not to post it until I have these two completed. 

The good news is that I'm settled and I'm back==hopefully for good this time. I hope this comes as good news to everyone or anyone who may still be reading. I'm not leaving my room tonight until I have a new chapter up for at least one of the two. If anyone has any suggestions for either story, please feel Absolutely Free to leave me a comment or let me know your thoughts. It'd be really helpful considering I've left them for so long. With everything that's been happening, my views on the stories have changed drastically. In a good way, I hope.

Please let me know, and it's great to be back, guys!


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